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Insulating Materials

Fevitite Standard - Epoxy Adhesive

Fevitite Standard - Epoxy Adhesive

• Two component structural adhesive
• Excellent bond strength
• Bonds to all types of material, except PP and PE
• Sets in 8 hours
• Excellent chemical resistance & long lasting bond

Application Areas

Ideal for bonding of glass, metal, wood, painted metal, metal alloy, artificial stones, marbles, granites, kadappa, laminates, bakelites, FRP, sports item etc.

Technical Parameters
Properties Resin Hardener
Appearance High viscous opaque liquid High viscous brownish liquid
Viscosity at 25°C (cps) 30000 to 50000 30000 to 50000
Odour Faint characteristics Amine odour
Mixing ratio-Resin to hardner 1:1 (by vol ume) 1:0.8 (by weight)
Coverage - for fiat matting non absorbing substrate (adhesive thickness 100 microns) 10 m2/kg
Properties of resin - hardner Standard Typical value
Working time for 100 g mix at 30°C   60 minutes approx
Setting time @ 30°C   8 Hrs
Overlap shear strength (MS to M5) Bond cured for 24 Hrs at RT   More than 180 kg/cm2
Service Temperature 80°C (approx)

Available in : 5g, 13g, 36g, 90g, 180g, 450g and 1.8kg



Engineering Structural Bonding

Crack Filling In Metal

Glass and Sports Equipment Bonding

Ideal for bonding Metal component of heavy machines

Ideal for filling eroded metal

Ideal for Glass and Wood bonding

Insulating Materials