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Insulating Materials

DIAMOND DOTTED PAPER(DDP)/Epoxy dotted paper


Diamond Dotted Paper(Ddp)/Epoxy Dotted Paper

Diamond Dotted Paper is manufactured using an electrical grade insulating kraft paper with thermostable 'B' stage resin dots applied in such a way that sufficient spaces exists between  them for oil impregnation. It is used to electrically insulate and mechanically bond the winding layers, by this the winading layers are stuck together to become one solid block with noticeable improvements in short circuit strength of such windings. It is tact free at room temperature and after curing provides right bonding. The shell life of this product is one year when stored at a temperature of 20°C and relative humidity of 50%. It is available in thickness ranging from 2mil to 20mil of any slit sizes.

We also manufacture DDP by using Nomex® paper or press paper as a base paper  as per customer requirement. Nomex® paper is a product of DuPont that provides high levels of electrical, chemical and mechanical integrity upon using.

Insulating Materials