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Insulating Materials

WD-40R Multiple Maintenance Spray

WD-40 Multiple Maintenance Spray • Protects metal from rust and corrosion
• Penetrates stuck parts and loosen it
• Displaces moisture and lubricates almost anything
• Removes grease, grime and more from most surfaces

Technical Parameters
Appearance Clear or slight cloudy
Colour Light amber
Odour Characteristic
Specific gravity @25°C 0.80 ± 0.02
Flash point (Open cup) 49°C
Volatile 70 to 75% by volume
Coverage 14 to 24m2, per liter
Sett spray ASTM B-117 0-20% after 72 Hrs

Available in : 32 g, 63.8 g, 170 g, 400 ml, (325 g) 1 gallon & 55 gallon


Displaces Moisture Penettrate and Loosens Lubricates
This can be used for removing the moisture from metal substrates, spark plug, and battery terminal The lower surface tenslon of product Imparting excellent penetration to places where hard to reach and loosens the frozen assembly. It is used for opening of jammed nut-bolt of flange joint, wheel's nut-bolt of vehicle It lubricate with rust projection, hence the lunrication is long lasting for all moving assembly. It is used for lubrication of door hinges, gear box, ball bearing, conveyer chains, castors, lock etc


Insulating Materials