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Insulating Materials

Rustolene Rust Disintegrator

Rustolene Rust Disintegrator • Safe and easy to handle
• Non corrosive - No damage to tools and metal pipe fittings
• Low viscosity - High coverage and offer good penetration
• Good surface wetting - Uniform film spreading property

Application Areas

In industries like chemical, mines, power plant, refinery, fertilizer etc, the product can be us. for opening of Jammed nuts-bolts, cleaning of various components like bearing, gearbox, generator, It also is used for maintenance of pumps, heat exchangers, boilers, cooling towers, farm equipments. etc.

Technical Parameters
Appearance Clear Ltguld
Specific gravity @300c 0.83 + 0.02
Colour Reddish
Flash Point 45°C (minimum)
Coverage Per Liter 90 m2 (approximate)

Available in : 500 ml, 1 ltr & 5 ltr


Cleaning & Degreasing Penetration & Loosening
For cleaning of carbon, oil, dirt, grease, tar and various sticky materials from equipments For opening of jammed nuts-bolts of flange joints, pipe joints etc.


Insulating Materials