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M-Seal Silicon Sealant - Neutral Cure

M-Seal Silicon Sealant - Neutral Cure

• Single component
• Neutral cure
• Excellent adhesion to glass, metal and ceramics
• Non-corrosive
• Non-sag
• No mixing required
• Free from bad smell

Application Areas

Ideal for bonding mirror hanging fixture, gap filling, can be applied on vertical and overhead joint and wide range of industrial uses.

Technical Parameters
Colour & appearance Clear & Black homogeneous paste
Flow/Sag at ambient temperature Nil
Skin formation time at 30°C 5 to 20 minutes
Curing speed @ 30°C 3 mm per clay
% Elongation at break at 30°C after 7 days 250 minimum
Paintability Not paintable

Available in : 280 ml Clear & Black Variants
Also available : Applicator gun

Seals & Fills Gap

Seal & Insulate

Seals & Fills Gap

Crack filing in infrastructure design, joint sealing in various industrial equipments used under vibration

Seal & insulate electrical junction boxes

To fill & seals the gaps of floor joint