M-Seal Phataphat - Epoxy Compound, Mumbai, India
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Insulating Materials

M-Seal Phataphat - Epoxy Compound

M-Seal Phataphat - Epoxy Compound

• Two component epoxy putty
• Sets in 30 minutes
• Exellent chemical resistance
• Excellent insulation resistance
• It can be machined to desired shape

Application Areas

Ideal for sealing blow holes, cracks in metal casting, pumps, molds, wooden patterns. Sealing of leakage in tank, vessel, boiler, heat exchanger, pipelines, gear boxes, cooling towers etc, It is also used for insulation of cable terminals, cable entry into switch boxes.

Technical Parameters
Working time at 30°C for 50g mix 5 to 10 minutes
Setting time at 30°C for 30g mix by Shore A 30 minutes
Tensile strength as per ASTM D 638 More than 200 Kg/cm2
Compressive strength as per ASTM D 695 More than 400 Kg/cm2
Hardness Shore D as per ASTM D2240 More than 75
Overlap shear strength as per ASTM D1002 More than 70 Kg/cm2
Water absorption as per ASTM D 570 Below 0.5%
Service temperature limit 80°C

Available in : 1 kg







Seales leakage in all types of water tank and pipe lines

Fills the blow hole in metal castings

Insulates electrical junction boxex, meters, condustors

Insulating Materials