Holdtite Plus PTFE Thread Seal Tape, Mumbai, India
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Insulating Materials

Holdtite Plus PTFE Thread Seal Tape

Holdtite Plus PTFE Thread Seal Tape

• Non hardening
• Withstands high pressure
• Resistant to most of chemicals
• Yellow colour tape

Application Areas

Highly suitable for high pressure equipments such as compressors, boilers, hydraulic machines, gas cylinders and steam pipe lines. Also used for joining and sealing of threaded pipes in industrial pipe line which carry hot and cold water, steam, gases, acids, alkali and various solvents

Technical Parameters
Appearance Opaque yellow colour tape
Width (mm) 12 + 1
Thickness ( Microns ) 80 Minimum

Available in : 12 mm X 10 m



General Industrial Pipe Jointing

Pipe Jointing for High Pressure Equipment

Used to join threaded pipe for transporting water, steam and various industrial chemicals/solvents

Used to Join high pressure lines like air compressors, steam lines, gas lines, hydraulic machines, gas cylinders etc.


Insulating Materials