Fevikwik 203 - One Drop Instant Adhesive, Manufacturer, Mumbai, India
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Insulating Materials

Fevikwik 203 - One Drop Instant Adhesive

Fevikwik 203 - One Drop Instant Adhesive

• Colourless
• Solvent-less
• Fast setting
• Ease of application
• Low viscosity
• Good penetration in close fitting parts

Application Areas

Fevikwik 203 is sultable for bonding plastics, metal and rubber components. It can be also used to lock components which are 2 already assembled. It has typical applications In molded furmiture, sign boards, gift articles, besides this It Is also used for wide range of industrial applications

Technical Parameters

Clear transparent liquid

Viscocity at 25°C

1 to 7 cps (approx)

Flash Point


Tensile Shear strength

>80 Kg/sq.cm

Full curing

24 Hours at ambient

Operating temperature

(-)40 to 80°C

Specific Gravity

1.06 {approx}

Cure Speed (approx)

metal to Metal

< 15 Seconds

Plastics to Plastics

< 5 Seconds

Rubber to Rubber

< 5 Seconds

Available in : 20 g




Bonds Rubber

Bonds Plastics

Bends Metal to Rubber

Ideal for making O ring

Ideal for PVC sheet bonding in door manufacturing

Ideal for fixing rubber to metal surface


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